2020 Preah Sihanouk Project Intervention:

Urban and Coastal Development which considerations on Environmental aspects and Liveable City

Preah Sihanouk Province consist of a great potential in economic development, including agriculture, industry and tourism, which are a based sector for Government’s economic development, including deep seaport, special economic zone, international airport, natural beaches and islands which are precious and unique natural heritage. The province is being transformed to be “Multipurpose Special Economic Zone” by the National Government, following the National Industrial Development Policy (2015-2025).

Province Fact:

Total Population: 302,887
Land Area: 2,658 km²
Coastline: 175.81 km²
Islands: 32
Municipality 2
District: 3
Communes/Sangkat: 29
Villages: 111
GDP per capita: $ 4,175/year (2019)
Economic growth: 9.9% (2019)
Poverty reduction: 4.44% (2019)

Source: www.raketa.hu

Presently, the Province is developing a Smart City Strategic Plan for Sihanoukville. In addition, 2019-2020, with the support of the national Government, relevant ministries, other development partners, the province has been reconstructing the city infrastructure, including city roads and access, beach and stalls improvement, pollution reduction, and gardening and tree planting… etc in order to reduce the traffic issue and intervention a Liveable City, those achievements including:

Construction of city road, wastewater treatment plant and restoration of natural canal – 34 city roads are being constructed with 84,505 meters long. 2 cycle gardens also constructed with traditional designed to show the history and national identification, and building of 6 bridges and restoration of 5 natural canals in the city.

Construction of four wastewater pumping stations equipped with auto pumping motors; and two wastewater treatment plants are being constructed which has treated capacity of 12,000 m3 a day.

Smart Solar Street Light of 5,300 units is being set up on the city roads which supplied by the Minebea Japan company.

Urban landscaping and tree plantation- a total of 75,850 seasonal flowers and national identification trees are being planted on city roads and gardens.

Improvement of the beaches and stalls – regular beach clean-up conducted, sand refilling and open public beach of 9,320 mater long from Poy Chhumteav Mao toward Ream beach; and re-enforcement on beach zoning and re-building of 43 new restaurants in Ochheuteal beach following the
standard model set by the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction.